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My stuff. ^_^
I don't mind if you fave and run.

Random Favourites

Stuff I like.=P
:iconskyline19: needs donations so he can pay the rent. Also, according to a comment posted by a friend of his, he's in the hospital right now because his blood pressure is way too high. If you could pray for him, that'd be great.

Journal here:…

Thanks and God bless.:aww:


Cameron Tobias
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
If you want me to comment if I fave, be expecting a one-worded or extremely unimaginative comment from me. I'm never prepared for that and I'm not good with words.

If you would like to help someone:

-Petition for a Childhood Cancer Awareness Bear:…

-An artist named Nedemai recently paid her rent for the month (July 2014), but now has no money and she has no food, nothing to eat at all. She also has 2 big bills to pay, but like I said, she has no money, so she can't pay them. She needs donations. Here's a Tumblr reblog that explains her situation better:…

-(July 2014) A man's wife has glaucoma and many other illnesses, and they're having extremely serious effects on her. She's in such bad condition, that if she's left unattended for even an hour, she could die. She hasn't even gone to their mailbox in over 5 years. They also don't have a car that's safe or legal to drive.
Also, according to a comment that her husband posted about a month ago, she's completely out of her glaucoma medication and they received a notice that their electricity will be disconnected in 10 days (which means it's actually disconnected right now because the comment was posted before they had it disconnected). This is horrible for them because the man needs electricity for his CPAP machine (he has 90% sleep apnea) and if he dies, his wife most likely would also die because he wouldn't be there to take care of her.
Video (Just letting you know, it's 20 minutes long):…

I believe in Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior.

I have Asperger's, so sorry if I show any strange behavior.

Sorry for my username. I was a huge fan of Patapon back when I joined deviantART.

I upload mainly TF2 and pony images made in Source Filmmaker, but I may occasionally upload something different, like GIF animations made in Source Filmmaker and Pivot (which I haven't used since November 2010, but you never know), or something that's unrelated to TF2 and My Little Pony.

I don't really like most of my old uploads, but go ahead and look at them if you want to. Be prepared for a bunch of awkward titles, descriptions, and comments.

My YouTube channel:

Thanks and God bless.:aww:


Favourite genre of music: Symphonic

MP3 player of choice: Audacity

Shell of choice: Blue

Skin of choice: Human, except it's not a choice

Favourite fictional characters: Octavia, Derpy Hooves, Webber, Fidget, Robot Jones

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